About Sport Complaints

Hockey Canada’s Independent Third Party (ITP) operates under the name Sport Complaints, which is a division of Sport Dispute Management Professional Corporation (Sport Dispute). Sport Dispute is supported by independent contractor case managers. Each of the independent contractors is either a trained lawyer or paralegal with a background in safe sport.

The case managers have collectively administered thousands of safe sport complaints for dozens of National Sports Organizations and Provincial Sports Organizations.

The team administers each complaint in accordance with the Maltreatment Complaint Management Policy and has adjusted its process based on feedback received from complainants, respondents and Hockey Canada members in order to best and most effectively service the community.  

As prescribed by the Policy, the ITP retains separate third parties to investigate, adjudicate and mediate the complaints.  These investigators, adjudicators and mediators are all experienced in safe sport and many are on the Abuse – Free Sport and SDRCC panels.  They are located across Canada and include individuals able to work in both French and English.  The adjudicators and mediators are all lawyers or retired judges.  They are fully independent from the ITP, Hockey Canada and Hockey Canada Members.  Prior to accepting to mediate, adjudicate or investigate a complaint, they confirm to the ITP that they have no prior relationship with the parties or associations involved in the complaint.